Thursday, March 29, 2012

One Tree Hill 912 Review- If You're Happy And You Know It

Brooke- "Isn't that a lot like The Creek?"
Well, that was certainly a change of pace. After an episode that went into all out action mode with Dan yielding a shotgun, and one that tugged on our heart strings like they were trying to defeat John Cena in a game of tug o' war as Dan sadly left this world, "Anyone Who Had A Heart" was a much less strenuous hour.

The penultimate episode of One Tree Hill was just plain happy. All of the characters were happy, I assume it made all of the viewers happy and the fact that Sophia Bush was able to direct one of the final episodes of the series - one that focused a lot on how important her Brooke Davis was to the show - definitely made me happy.

Maybe nobody was happier than Julian Baker, who was inspired to turn Lucas's "Ravens" book into a television series. Not only did the studio buy his idea, thanks to Brooke's high school diary and her hot tub idea, but Julian even got to put himself into the story!

I love Julian, but seriously? You're going take this story written by Lucas, and then throw yourself into Tree Hill High School and steal a major event from the author himself? Not cool, bro.
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One Tree Hill 912 - "Anyone Who Had a Heart"

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