Friday, March 9, 2012

30 Rock 611 Review- Son of a Dingbat

Kaylie- "My mom is in Indonesia visiting her charity where poor children make shoes."
Jack- "Isn't that just a sweatshop?"
Sometimes a joke doesn't always hit on the first try. On occasion, a reference is actually inserted into the script so that can make you laugh later on in the episode. Both of these situations were executed perfectly at some point during "Standards and Practices."

30 Rock enjoys the callback in general, but it was specifically successful at it with the use of the word "dingbat" and in spreading out a couple of appearances by Jack's friend Akaido – Update: Kato – and his sneak attacks.

Liz originally bringing up the fact that "dingbat" was the worst word that could now be used on TGS wasn't necessarily funny, but the fact that she ended up taking even it out of the script was. Jack jumping on board and exclaiming "son of a dingbat" on multiple occasions was absolutely the icing on the hysterical cake.

Elsewhere, we were treated to a number of moments that were hilarious all on their own... specifically everything that happened once Liz walked into the men's restroom. From using a man's voice to talk to Ken to only being able to come up with the fake name Kenneth Toilet Hole, Tina Fey was on her game.
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30 Rock 611 - "Standards and Practices"

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