Friday, March 16, 2012

The Office 819 Review- Flowers Arranging Themselves

Jim- "The raise isn't real."
Dwight- "Money isn't real ever since we got off the gold standard."
If we were conducting Catherine Tate's The Office performance review like Nellie Bertram did of her employees at Dunder Mifflin Scranton - that is, on first impressions - she would also be receiving a raise.

Tate's first appearance last season was intriguing, and her stint as head honcho down in Florida was entertaining, but in "Get the Girl" it became obvious that Nellie Bertram as branch manager could be exactly what The Office needs to stay afloat.

She is very strange, but not in a way that is too similar to Michael Scott or Andy Bernard, nor in a way that is just too slow and boring most of the time like Robert California. Nellie proved she was upbeat, off the walls and that she can create a lot of weird situations for our favorite paper suppliers.

The way that she took charge and took over Andy's office was great. The meeting she ran, in which she used some weird voices and gave Kevin an awful nickname, was funny. Giving every one there a raise even though she had no authority might have been the best of all.
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The Office 819 - "Get the Girl"


  1. chumbo! she was great. andy's character can be too depressing when episodes are focused on him. maybe if he & erin are together they can just make some funny episodes with nellie.

  2. She is horrendous! She is so over the top; her comedy is designed for 12 year old boy humor.

  3. Lot of love/hate on Catherine Tate all around.