Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teen Wolf 210 Review- Don't Think About It

Matt- "That's what Jackson's for. I just think about killing them, and he does it."
Other than Stephen Lunsford's slightly over-the-top performance as a psychotic killer on his last leg, "Fury" was yet another action-packed hour of Teen Wolf that managed to simultaneously scare the audience to death and pull at its heart strings.

Just like always, every second was pulse-pounding, as Jackson was paralyzing main characters and murdering extras at the drop of the hat. He wasn't doing it on his own accord, though. We learned at the end of last week's episode that Matt was indeed the master, and he put that title to use here, thinking about killing almost everyone in his sight.

While it still ended up being a bit confusing, the flashback to Jackson's camera recording session helped a great deal. It might not have shored up why or how Matt became the kanima's master, but his watching of the video, and the hand touching between master and kanima, explained when it all began.

Through a long-winded speech to Scott, Matt then revealed more about his murderous tour through town, telling his rival about how the 2006 swim team laughed and did nothing to help while he almost drowned to death. Apparently the murders weren't linked simply because the swim team sucks, like Stiles hilariously joked.
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Teen Wolf 210 - "Fury"

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