Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Covert Affairs 302 Review- Send Auggie On Over

Annie (to Auggie): "Bad news, one of us has a middle seat. I'd say I'd flip you for it, but do you really need a window?"
We all want it. We all got it. Annie and Auggie were sent to Spain on assignment together in "Sound and Vision." But did it live up to our expectations?

There was a moment here or there on the actual mission, but honestly, the best interaction between the two may have occurred before they even started it. Watching them play 20 questions, sitting outside Arthur's office like a couple of high school students in trouble with the principal, might have been my favorite part of the hour.

It's just the chemistry between the two characters, and how well Piper Perabo and Chris Gorham seem to gel as actors, that is so fun to watch. Take, for example, the banter just before the flight when Annie jabs that Auggie doesn't need a window, and the analyst hits back with the fact this "isn't the first time [Annie's] been under qualified."

That's not to say that the actual mission wasn't entertaining as well. The two of them teaming up for that hand to hand was pretty awesome! I know it's Auggie and Annie, and they're studs, but that guy got absolutely destroyed by a woman and a blind guy. He shouldn't tell anyone about that.
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Covert Affairs 302 - "Sound and Vision"

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