Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Seinfeld Award- Comedy Series

Named For: Seinfeld (NBC) 1990-98
Awarded To: The best comedy series of the season
2009 Winner: The Office (NBC)
2010 Winner: Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)
2011 Winner: The Office (NBC)

10. Cougar Town (ABC) 0 points

9. Angry Boys (HBO) 1 point
5th by T-time

8. Wilfred (FX) 4 points
5th by Cecil, Jack, and Bonz, 5th by Me

7. 30 Rock (NBC) 7 points
3rd by Matt

6. Happy Endings (ABC) 14 points
2nd by T-time and Jack, 3rd by Me

5. The League (FX) 15 points
1st by Rizzo

4. New Girl (FOX) 20 points
1st by Cecil and Larry

3. Community (NBC) 25 points
1st by Jaydon, T-time, Matt, and Jack, 1st by Me

2. Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO) 28 points
1st by Tyson and Bonz, 4th by Me

and the Poolie goes to...

1. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) 36 points
1st by Mags, 2nd by Me

This is It's Always Sunny's third nomination and first win for best comedy series of the season.

It was truly a remarkable year for comedies.  To come out of this group of nominees and take home the crown is an achievement.  What is even more rewarding is that It's Always Sunny picks up its first ever Poolie in its SEVENTH season.  Sure many Poolie voters jumped on Sunny later on in its run, and the awards only began in season four of this FX hit, but it's an achievement none-the-less.

Going up against heavyweights like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Community, as well as upstarts like New Girl, The League and Happy Endings, Sunny had to run the gauntlet to earn this trophy.  The series did so with maybe its best season yet.  Between "The Gang's Revenge," "The Anti-Social Network," "Chardee MacDennis," and more, they just kept banging out winners week after week.  Each half hour hilarious, and each half hour brilliant in its own way (removing the one outlier: Frank's Brother, which was not good).

The best thing about season seven was that it was so difficult to determine which of the big three had the best season.  Regardless of your favorite, most years it is easier to determine who had the best overall season.  But this time around, Dennis, Charlie, and Mac all brought their A Games.  Heck, Rob McElhenney put on 50 pounds because he thought it would be funny.  Well he was right, because this was my favorite season of Ronald McDonald yet.

It wasn't my single favorite season of the year, that went to Community, but the NBC comedy turns some off with its intelligent and unorthodox humor.  In order to win a Poolie you have to please all, and Always Sunny seemed to do that perfectly this season.

by Dan Forcella

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