Friday, July 13, 2012

Wilfred 204 Review- Dogs vs. Babies, Who Ya Got?

Wilfred- "How many innocent babies have to survive before we put an end to this senseless nurturing?"
Sometimes Wilfred takes things a bit too far and ends up feeling guilty. Luckily for him, dogs can only feel guilt for a maximum of five seconds. Luckily for us, "Guilt" used that made up fact by its main character to execute a perfect call back at a major climax in the story to serve as the backbone of another great episode of Wilfred's hilarious second season.

Wilfy - as Jenna, Drewish Community Center and I call him - spent a majority of "Guilt" enthralled with the apparent war between dogs and babies over who is cuter. His actions towards Kristen's unborn child, which included trying to vacuum it out and sticking Kristen's voo doo doll in the belly, were pretty terrible.

He was partaking in these awful acts towards the baby for so long that when Wilfred finally came around to feeling guilty about it, I had forgotten about the five second rule. When his watch timer went off, reminding me of his clever rule for dogs, I absolutely lost it.

This war, and Wilfy's obsession with it, also gave us the hilarity of him naming off the fake battles between dogs and babies, and talking about the "brave, dead soldiers of the Babies R Us parking lot."
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Wilfred 204 - "Guilt"

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