Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Teen Wolf 206 Review- Know Thy Frenemy

Stiles- "I got it. Kill Jackson. Problem solved."
After the big reveal of the Kanima's identity last week, Teen Wolf was able to send things into overdrive with "Frenemy," taking the audience on an action-packed adventure that ended with yet another reveal - and a whole mess of new questions.

That's how this series rolls, and it's all the better for it. There's no slowing down, whether it's the 41 minutes of air time that seems to fly by while you're watching, or the plot of each season that seems to go down avenue after avenue before allowing the fans to realize what end of arc will actually look like.

Finding out the identity of the kanima was not good enough. Scott, Stiles and the gang had to figure out some way of keeping Jackson contained, and after that didn't work the boys had to face the consequences of containing a lizard-kid in the back of a van.

As quickly as all of that took place, it was just as exciting as it was fast. The fight under the bridge*, the trip through the club (not exactly Stiles' kind of club), capturing Jax and driving him out to the woods in handcuffs... it all kept us on the edge of our respective seats.
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Teen Wolf 206 - "Frenemy"

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