Thursday, July 5, 2012

Emmy Wish List- Guest Actress in a Drama

Many of the ladies on the ballot for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series come from the world of procedural. Since this is an area of which I do less watching, I'm not as familiar with the wealth of talent looking to take home the trophy in this category. What I DO know is that Loretta Devine won this thing last year, and before that it was an actress from Law and Order: SVU for four seasons in a row. That means that I will give Devine and SVU guest star Chloe Sevigny the early lead in the polls.

Joan Cusack - Shameless
Loretta Devine - Grey's Anatomy
Louise Fletcher - Shameless
Julia Ormond - Mad Men
Chloe Sevigny - Law and Order: SVU
Jean Smart - Harry's Law

I either disliked or didn't see the performances of the rest of the women I'm predicting to make the field this year. I couldn't stand Cusack or Fletcher in Shameless, and I didn't watch any of Harry's Law so I can't speak on Smart's performance. Ormond, meanwhile, was simply decent on this season of Mad Men, but she seems like a choice the Academy will make.

Emmy Wish List
Morena Baccarin - The Mentalist
Baccarin has really proven her talents as of late, playing a wide variety of characters during her work on V, Homeland, and The Mentalist. Her performance on the latter may be my favorite Baccarin's yet.
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