Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teen Wolf 209 Review- Punch, Drunk, Love

Scott- "Why should I apologize?"
Stiles- "Because you're the guy. It's like what we do."
I hate to be repetitive, but it is too difficult not to praise Jeff Davis and company week after week for their ability to find this perfect pace for a summer action series. Sometimes you expect to see a dull episode every once and a while, but during Teen Wolf Season 2 it has yet to come.

"Party Guessed" was filled with crazy hallucinations, uncontrollable new wolves, a stalker at his finest, plenty of goofs from Stiles, a husband and wife going through the most terrible of situations and two giant reveals. In other words, stuff went down!

The dream sequences, which were all beautifully created by director Tim Andrew, began early with Lydia's vision of a shower that turned into a lax game, which led to Peter chasing her down. When she woke up, the former Alpha remained by her side, but this time in what we assume was just his semi-dead spirit form.

Thanks to Lydia, her immunity and that purple dust that allowed her to drag Derek back to the abandoned house, it might have been the last we see of Peter's spirit form. The alpha is back!  There was no explanation for why digging a dead claw into the current alpha brings the former one back to life, but that's what happened!
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Teen Wolf 209 - "Party Guessed"

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