Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Emmy Wish List- Guest Actress in a Comedy

Other than the fact that Melissa McCarthy will probably head home with the grand prize, the Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Race seems pretty wide open. There really are no other favorites that I feel are guaranteed a nomination. As those who have been nominated in the recent past, I like Dot Marie Jones and Elaine Stritch to make it back, but after that it will be tough to figure out.

Ellen Barkin - Modern Family
Blythe Danner - Up All Night
Dot Marie Jones - Glee
Melissa McCarthy - Saturday Night Live
Maya Rudolph - Saturday Night Live
Elaine Stritch - 30 Rock

When there are those spots you can't decide on, it's best to predict some big names, so I will say Ellen Barkin and Blythe Danner end up nominated for their guest spots on Modern Family and Up All Night, respectively. The final nominee I'm predicting is Maya Rudolph, as SNL hosts usually get a lot of love in the guest categories.

Emmy Wish List
Elizabeth Banks - 30 Rock
Avery Jessup had a rough go of it, remaining captured in a foreign land for much of the season, but fortunately Banks was hilarious during that time.  My favorite thing was how great she was at giving the crazy news broadcasts for Kim Jong Il.
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