Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Covert Affairs 303- Pirates; Wife For Me

Structurally, "The Last Thing You Should Do" was exactly what you look for out of an episode of television. There was a great mix of entertainment with Auggie's trip gone bad, and intrigue-building serialization with everything else that was going on at the home front.

It just never came together completely. The hour was filled with everything I asked for after the season premiere. We had Lena and Joan butting heads, as well as Annie continuing her relationship with Simon to serve some sort of end goal. I just couldn't have cared less about either situation.

Maybe it was simply because Chris Gorham was once again so engaging that everything time they put the camera on someone else it was disappointing. Seeing Auggie in the field is always good fun, but "The Last Thing You Should Do" was much more than that.

We were able to witness him loving life, and then quickly having to worry about the lives of others. He lost control, and then he took control.
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Covert Affairs 303 - "The Last Thing You Should Do"

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