Monday, July 9, 2012

The Cory Matthews Award- Lead in Comedy

Named For: Cory Matthews (Boy Meets World)
Awarded To: The best lead character in a comedy series
2009 Winner: Tracy Jordan (30 Rock)
2010 Winner: Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm)
2011 Winner: Michael Scott (The Office)

10. Pete Riggins (Bent) 0 points

9. Daniel Sims (Angry Boys) 2 points
5th by T-time, 5th by Me

8. Andre Nowzick (The League) 5 points
3rd by Cecil

7. Dwight Schrute (The Office) 7 points
3rd by T-time

6. Wilfred (Wilfred) 15 points
1st by T-time, 1st by Me

5. Phil Dunphy (Modern Family) 20 points
2nd by Cecil, Rizzo, and Matt

4. Charlie Kelly (It's Always Sunny) 20 points
1st by Rizzo, 4th by Me

3. Dennis Reynolds (It's Always Sunny) 20 points
1st by Jack, 2nd by Me

2. Schmidt (New Girl) 23 points
1st by Tyson, Cecil, Larry, and Matt

and the Poolie goes to...

1. Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm) 34 points
1st by Mags and Bonz, 3rd by Me

This is Larry David's third nomination and second win for best lead character in a comedy series.  Coinciding with Raylan Givens's win for the Frank Pembleton Award, Poolie voter Mags is here to discuss the success of both characters.

As the suave, handsome, southern gentleman on FX’s Justified, Raylan Givens is known for his quick trigger and smooth demeanor.  Playing himself on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David is infamous for his hilarious tendency to argue inane points to no end, as well as his complete lack of swagger. I would find it difficult to find two other characters which display such stark contrast.

Raylan is the preeminent modern man with a mix of traditional confederate values. He is able to talk his way through or around any situation and does it with an unmatched level of charm and swagger. That a man can wear skinny jeans, plaid shirts and cowboy boots/hat in 2012 and not look like a complete ass says enough about him. Add to that the fact that every woman south of the Mason-Dixon Line wants to sleep with him, and you know the guy is verified.

Juxtapose Raylan with Larry David. The short, bald, bespectacled goon dresses poorly and has a penchant for annoying those around him. Larry will debate any point with anyone at any time, and also harbors extreme prejudice to anyone not just like him. Despite this, he is responsible for what may be the funniest show on television.

Congratulations to Raylan on his winning The Frank Pembleton Award For Best Lead Character in an Action Series. The same goes to Larry for The Cory Matthews Award For Best Lead Character in a Comedy Series. Despite their differences, both are certainly deserving of their respective Poolies.

by Kyle Magnus

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