Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The X Factor Top 9 Review- Thankful For Wild Horses

This week on The X Factor, we faced the music and gave thanks. What was I thankful for? Melanie Amaro's post-performance speech, and the fact that she broke out a Virgin Islands accent after months of speaking with none at all.

There was still plenty to not be thankful for on this week's episode, specifically L.A. Reid's atrocious method of judging. I don't know why he thinks it is his job to come in to a show prepared to hate every contestant that isn't on his team, but he does.

"I came out wanting to be critical," he told Rachel Crow before praising her performance. He then told Lakoda Rayne "I was completely prepared to not like it," which was followed by more positive comments. Here's an idea. How about you just come in and judge them without bias?

We all may have our favorites on The X Factor, but as a judge of the talent, he of all people shouldn't come in prepared to hate on someone. Let's get onto the performances...

Rachel Crow "Believe" - The overproduction was once again in place as the gigantic chorus drowned out her performance a bit here. When they brought in 20 more backup singers and then dropped confetti from the ceiling, I knew it was going to be a ridiculous night. Rachel was good as always, but she was not nearly as interesting as a few of the past weeks.
My Score: 6/10
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