Thursday, November 3, 2011

Survivor Week 8- The Switcheroo

As Swoosie Kurtz screamed at Jim Carrey during the outtakes of Liar Liar...Over-actor! I loved watching Ozzy's ridiculous plan blow up in his face mainly because of his terrible job at selling it. Then again, it wasn't much of a plan to begin with. Did he really think that turning Johnny Cochran into a double agent would have garnered many rewards even if they did buy what he was selling at the final duel?

Way to go Coach for calling out exactly everything that happened over at Savaii over the last couple of the T! Upolu was extremely strong in their pack of six, maybe the strongest I've seen at the merge, but of course they were going to string Cochran along for a bit in order to get him to jump the Savaii ship.

Why wouldn't he? Jim called the twerp a coward a number of times after Johnny Cochran switched over on the re-vote, and he was right. It was a cowardly move, but it was also the correct move. Being brave can also be very dumb. Why would you leave your fate in Survivor up to chance, when you can just as easily switch sides to the stronger tribe and now have a 7-4 advantage over Savaii.

As long as things go as planned, Johnny Cochran can make it to the Top Seven with Upolu before anything tricky needs to take place. The situations change so rapidly in this game, that by that time, maybe the kid makes a few friends within Upolu and they decide to keep him around over Rick or Sophie or somebody. There are too many possibilities to further yourself in this game to leave it all up to chance.

Good job Johnny Cochran.

Now let's take a look at the fantasy scores, in which Jaydon is beginning to catch up to Larry in the Champions League, thanks to Ozzy's immunity dominance. Mags seems to be heading for the Developmental League this spring as Keith was the next from his squad to hit the road. Jack has taken a large lead down in the B League, while Tippy holds strong, and Rizz and Marsh now hold steady in a tie for third.

Champions League


Brandon +60: Merge (+8), W8 (+29)= +97
Rick +40: Merge (+8), Votes (-24), W8 (+29)= +53
Christine +23: Duel Loss (-10)= +13
Dawn +49: Merge (+8), Immunity (+20), W8 (+29)= +106

Last Week +172: Team Total= +269


Ozzy -9: Duel Win (+10), Merge (+8), Immunity (+20), Idol Misuse (-10), W8 (+29)= +48
Whitney +7: Merge (+8), W8 (+29)= +44
Cochran +41: Merge (+8), W8 (+29)= +78
Edna +55: Merge (+8), W8 (+29)= +92

Last Week +94: Team Total= +262


Albert +25: Merge (+8), W8 (+29)= +62
Mikayla -7
Jim +13: Merge (+8), W8 (+29)= +50
Semhar -43

Last Week -12: Team Total= +62


Coach +51: Merge (+8), W8 (+29)= +88
Elyse -142
Keith -63: Merge (+8), Votes (-24)= -79
Mark -173

Last Week -327: Team Total= -306

Free Agents
Sophie +91: Merge (+8), W8 (+29)= +128
Stacey -27

Developmental League


Albert: Merge (+8), W8 (+29)= +37
Whitney: Merge (+8), W8 (+29)= +37
Coach: Merge (+8), W8 (+29)= +37
Edna: Merge (+8), W8 (+29)= +37

Week 8= +148, Team Total= +510


Ozzy: Duel Win (+10), Merge (+8), Immunity (+20), Idol Misuse (-10), W8 (+29)= +57
Cochran: Merge (+8), W8 (+29)= +37
Sophie: Merge (+8), W8 (+29)= +37

Week 8= +131, Team Total= +382


Keith: Merge (+8), Votes (-24)= -16
Brandon: Merge (+8), W8 (+29)= +37
Jim: Merge (+8), W8 (+29)= +37

Week 8= +58, Team Total= +300


Rick: Merge (+8), Votes (-24), W8 (+29)= +13
Dawn: Merge (+8), Immunity (+20), W8 (+29)= +57
Christine: Duel Loss (-10)= -10

Week 8= +60, Team Total= +300

Free Agents

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