Monday, November 21, 2011

Homeland 108 Review- The Storage Sniper

Carrie- "I'm gonna be alone my whole life, aren't I?"
Anyone who thought the game would change after Homeland's big reveal last week, was probably a bit surprised to be turned upside down and inside out as "Achilles Heel" continued to make twist and turn until another shocker came in the final minute of action.

Tom Walker is most definitely still alive. They made that clear from the opening seconds. He is also pretty clearly helping the terrorists, as the sniper rifle in that storage center showcased. He also has an achilles heel, that may or may not save America from another terrorist catastrophe.

He loves his family, and is probably suffering from the same inner turmoil we all thought was going through Brody at the start of the season. Hopefully, some time down the road, the CIA can use Walker's wife and son to help stop him from doing something he may regret for the rest of his life...that is unless he is 100% for this cause, which is a huge possibility.

The question will be whether or not the government can trust Walker's wife again, after she unsurprisingly warned her husband that they were tracing the call. It was pretty obvious that they weren't going to catch him right then and there, but it was still impressive watching him scale walls, take out FBI agents, and finally lure them into a crowded building in order to get away.
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Homeland 108 - "Achilles Heel"

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