Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Covert Affairs 213 Review- River of Dreams

Annie- "What is it with you and cell phones?"
Eyal- "What is it with you and always checking in?"
After a couple of exciting episodes to start Covert Affairs' winter run, "A Girl Like You" was a much more dialed back, dialogue-heavy chapter.

I very much still enjoyed the hour, though, thanks in large part to another guest appearance by Oded Fehr as Eyal Lavine. When Covert Affairs is at its best, it combines the sweet understated moments with a good amount of action-packed car chases/fights.

I'm talking about understated moments like Eyal waxing on about letting the river take him on his journey, Jai recovering from his bonehead mistake of crossing Joan, or Auggie's admission that he wants to settle down with Parker.

The latter of those came as somewhat of a surprise to me. As I mentioned in my review of last week's "Uberlin," I don't foresee Auggie having a significant relationship on Covert Affairs. Parker having to leave for the Peace Corps in four months plays right into that theory.
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Covert Affairs 213 - "A Girl Like You"

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