Friday, November 18, 2011

The X Factor Top 10 Results- A Poor Sport

If that wasn't the worst display of sportsmanship in singing competition history, I don't know what was.

The X Factor went from 10 finalists to nine tonight, but not before Astro embarrassed himself and made a mockery of the show by claiming he didn't want to perform for the judges' vote and pouted through his entire performance.

After Rihanna danced around on stage in a pair of ripped jeans straight out of 1991, the top eight vote-getters were announced in no particular order as: Leroy Bell, Lakoda Rayne, Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik, Marcus Canty, Drew, and Rachel Crow.

That's right. That means that Stacy Francis and Astro received the least amount of votes from America. Now I could have been happy that most of America agreed with my take on the young rapper's performance last night, but instead I was quickly saddened how poor of a sport he became.
To read the rest of my thoughts on last night's The X Factor, head over to TV Fanatic.


  1. Astro is getting to be a pain in the ASS. He acts like he is a super star already. I thought that everyone was suppose to change things up and try something new. I am sick of hearing him sing rap and putting his name into every song. L.A. Reid told Drew that she does the same thing every week. What about Astro. Give America a break and make the no talent Brat do something different. Take your own advice L.A. and show us that your little pride and joy has got some talent and besides rapping.

  2. I'm with you on not enjoying Astro, but had not even thought about the doing the same thing every time aspect. L.A. is too busy arguing with Simon to realize what's going on in this competition though.