Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bi-Monthly Power Rankings- Honorable Mentions

It's that time again. The Quiet Pool Perspective's Bi-Monthly Power Rankings are back, and a lot has happened since early September here at the Pool. The Weekly Comedy Rankings have been working so well at helping gauge what shows are doing well on a week by week basis, that I might try to start doing the same thing with the other categories. For now, here are the November Power Rankings. Remember these take into account past and present performances, and the Honorable Mentions are not necessarily numbers 21 through 30 on my list. Enjoy.
Show (Last) red=moving down, green=moving up

American Horror Story (-) Wednesdays on FX
This is easily the strangest show on television, which is why I keep coming back for more. In no way is there anything redeeming from American Horror Story, but the shear disgusting, ridiculous, and weird events have me intrigued week after week. I honestly want to find out more about this haunted house.

Big Brother (16) Summers on CBS
This summer series falls out of the Top 20 and loses the top spot among reality shows for the first time in a long time. This season's cast was terrible, which didn't help, but after starting this season's Survivor immediately after Big Brother ended, it was clear which one is currently more entertaining to watch.

Bored to Death (-) Mondays on HBO
It's still nothing to go crazy over, but the third season of Bored to Death has been off to a good start. Jason Schwartzman is great if you can take his, and creator Jonathan Ames', style of humor. The other two leads are what make this show worth coming back to week in and week out. Ted Danson is fantastic, and Zach Galifianakis has done his best work outside of that Jimmy Fallon interview on this show.

Hart of Dixie (-) Mondays on The CW
From the creator of The O.C., Chuck, and Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie is once again killing it for Josh Schwartz. It is just so easy and enjoyable to watch. Add to that, the fact that it has one of best casts on television, and you have a winner. Summer Roberts, DeShawn Hardell, a new and improved Jason Street, and Roy Martin combine for some very fun tv.

The League (12) Thursdays on FX
T-time has some very interesting ideas as why The League hasn't gotten off to a good start this third season, the one I like best being that they just hit a groove in season two. Aside from the third episode of the fall, which was good by all standards, they seem to have fallen into a habit of being lazy and relying on being dirty just for the sake of being dirty. Don't get me wrong, being dirty can work great, as The League proved last year, and Always Sunny proves time and time again, but you can't just be dirty and think it's automatically going to be funny.

New Girl (-) Tuesdays on FOX
It was a short sample there in the early going, but I loved what I saw out of Zooey Deschanel on the New Girl. Maybe my opinion will be different after the long hiatus due to baseball playoffs, but her Jess is one of the funniest females on television, and I don't see that changing any time soon. The jury is still out on some of the dudes on this show. I enjoy Schmidt so far, but Nick is heading down the wrong path as a character, and the new guy has yet to show anything.

Once Upon a Time (-) Sundays on ABC
Only two episodes in, but it is definitely the better of the two fairy tale shows this fall (Grimm was pretty, pretty boring on Friday). Sure, the acting doesn't seem all that great, and I'm not sure how the flashbacks are going to continue to be interesting as the series moves forward, but I am a sucker for anything dealing with Snow White, Jiminy Crickett, and Malificent (even if they so overtly made us know who that character was by saying her name in dialogue).

Parks and Recreation (20) Thursdays on NBC
I was early on the Parks bandwagon of being a much improved show at the beginning of season two, but I was ready to jump off as soon as Alan Sepinwall and every critic known to man started calling it the best comedy on television. For a while there it was definitely the most overrated comedy on tv, but it was still in my top 20 overall. To start this season, it just hasn't been good at all, and it falls out of the rankings. Rob Lowe saved that show at the end of season two, and most of season three, but his character has dropped off a cliff this season.

Revenge (-) Wednesdays on ABC
Like Hart of Dixie, Revenge is just so fun. I've always been a huge Emily VanCamp fan, but this character of hers takes the cake. It has been fantastic to watch the first half of this season, and I only see it getting better as the second half of this first order continues. The show seems to be becoming more serial as we move forward, which is what did wonders for Justified during its run.

Suburgatory (-) Wednesdays on ABC
Hard to tell what this show is trying to be, but it's enjoyable. Even when it's not funny, it's still a good watch. You can't say that about a lot of comedies, but Tessa and especially George are so easy to like, which is a good sign for the future. Once they get their footing on what they want to do comically, Suburgatory could go places.

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