Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chuck 504 Review- Dodge Viper

Chuck- "The force is strong in this one."
Morgan- "Mmmm. I have no idea what that means, but I am pumped."
It was a slow build, but "Chuck Versus the Business Trip" ended with such an action packed final five minutes that the mundane nature of the journey was completely absolved.

There were a couple of highlights here and there, but the switch really wasn't flipped until the team realized they had caught the wrong Viper. After Chuck figured out that things had been much too easy*, we watched Morgan frantically escape the Buy More, Chuck disable the car bomb, and Sarah take out the real Viper.

*I put down in my notes at the time that it was a bit odd that this guy with such a ridiculous track record couldn't even take out an intersect-less Chuck Bartowski.

Things went up another notch, though, in the final five minutes or so, beginning with John Casey's murder of 27 individuals in a span of 3.4 seconds. I was definitely expecting him to get caught in that situation, so shame on me for thinking you could ever take out John Casey.
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Chuck 504 - "Chuck Versus the Business Trip"

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