Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekly Roundup- Alex, Max

As we near the holiday break some things are starting to heat up, while others are taking a turn for the worse. The big three continue to stay near or at the top of the Weekly Comedy Rankings, while a couple of familiar faces remained in the Top Five of the Week in its second edition. Let's take a look.

Weekly Comedy Rankings

1. Happy Endings
2. Community
3. It's Always Sunny
4. New Girl
5. South Park
6. Parks and Rec
7. Family Guy
8. Last Man Standing
9. Modern Family
10. The Office
11. Suburgatory
12. The League
13. Good Luck Charlie
14. Bored to Death
15. Rules of Engagement
16. Wizards

I went with Dean Pelton as the MVP of the week for his ridiculous actions on Community. Jim Rash was fantastic as he made both T-time and Jaydon's best moment of the week. Jaydon loved when he uttered "I loved you innnnnnnn, IMDB," and T-time thought the funniest thing on tv this week was the Dean loving Jeffrey's impression of the bald man.

T-time went with Alex from Happy Endings as his MVP, and after a second watch, I have a really tough time disagreeing. I gave Elisha Cuthbert's character best moment for when she wanted to make out with Max, but basically everything she did in this episode was revolved around that same concept, so an MVP vote could have been necessary.

Top Five of the Week

1. Homeland
2. Once Upon a Time
3. Sons of Anarchy
4. Revenge
5. Hell on Wheels

Homeland might have had its best episode yet this past Sunday, Once Upon a Time continued to improve in the early part of its first season, Sons of Anarchy had 90 minutes worth of heart-wrenching stuff, and Emily Van Camp continued to shine in another episode of Revenge, but I was extremely pleased with what Hell on Wheels put forth in its second installment.

Anson Mount has been electric in his first two episodes as Mr. Bohannon. With the introduction of The Swede in episode two, I already have two characters I enjoy 10 times more than anyone through 11 episodes of The Walking Dead. As T-time and I chatted about a couple days ago, TWD seems to be pulling a bit of a Sons of Anarchy season three situation, in that they're dragging a two episode arc into six. Let's move on and pick up the pace.

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