Sunday, January 17, 2010

SNL- Sigourney and Ting Tings

How terrible was that? Right up there with Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner for worst host of the season. As a matter of fact there have only been two good hosts out of the 12 we have had this year. SNL has really dropped the ball on finding people that will be funny or interesting to host the show.

The 12 people that have hosted this 35th season of Saturday Night Live have been Megan Fox, Ryan Reynolds, Drew Barrymore, Gerard Butler, Taylor Swift, January Jones, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Blake Lively, Taylor Lautner, James Franco, Charles Barkley and Sigourney Weaver.

Is this a joke? This is the group of a dozen celebrities that you think will make your show funnier? Gerard Butler was the only one that added anything comedic to an episode, and Joseph Gordon Levitt's monologue performance was worth the entire hour and a half of running time. The rest were brutal and mostly detracted from the performances of Hader, Armisen and company.

Not counting the Avatar sketch (which I skipped 'cause I haven't seen it yet) Weaver was the main player in at least four sketches and she was God awful in all of them. Grady Wilson is always bad, but she just made it worse. Ladies' Darts seems to be what they like to do when they have a terrible female host. Dress them up in old clothes and have them look stupid. Not funny. Kenan tried to help out in Disco Booty Junction, but Sigourney and even Wiig were brutal in this one.

Finally we had maybe the two worst near the end. Internet Buzz was all up to her to be funny and she failed miserably. Then there was her as a singer on a piano. As she butchered this sketch, I imagined Will Ferrell singing on top of a piano and acting like he was terrified of the height, and I almost started laughing during the sketch. Maybe from now on, when SNL chooses to put an unfunny host in the lead role of a sketch, I'll just imagine Ferrell or Chris Farley doing the sketch and I'll be able to find humor in it.

Top 5 Sketches

5. Riley- It was really slim pickings last night. At least every time he said B*ITCHHHHH I enjoyed it.

4. Update: Larry the Goose- There is just something about clever names that are a play on words that I enjoy. My favorite was President Quackery Taylor.

3. Ting Tings: That's Not My Name- I had heard their music before, especially Shut Up & Let Me Go, but there was something about watching these two perform that was very interesting. It was the exact opposite of when I first saw Lady Gaga perform on the Idol stage last year. In that case I was perplexed that this was an actual performance. With the Ting Tings, I was intoxicated by their little quirks that I had to watch the entire performance (usually on SNL I skip by the music after a minute or so).

2. Laser Cats 5- I always love Laser Cats, and 5 didn't disappoint. Not as good as the first two, but the James Cameron twist was nice. Speaking of the Avatar director...I was watching my Colts beat up on the Ravens last night and I watched SNL this morning and I thought James Cameron and Ravens' offensive coordinator Cam Cameron should be brothers. Their last names are the same and they both have white hair...thoughts?

1. Larry King Cold Open- Just fantastic. Too bad the rest of the episode was mostly downhill from this great start. Darrell Hammond's Jay Leno was great and when Sudeikus broke out his Letterman, I lost it. To me there are not many things in this world funnier than an outlandish David Letterman impression. Over the top and inaccurate, but hilarious.

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