Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fantasy Survivor- Heroes vs. Villains

With the new season of Survivor set to premier on February 11 it is time to draft. It will be the third All-Stars season of the series, this time labeled Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Although it seems that their idea of a villain is not the same as mine, I'll take it anyway. Neither Russell Hantz, who manipulated his opponents in order to please the audience, nor Coach Wade, who made up ridiculous lies to inadvertently please the audience, are villains in my book. Never-the-less they are both back for this All-Star edition of Survivor. Shot in Samoa, the same spot as last season, and right after the last season finished, it should be interesting. None of the contestants will have any idea what Russell H is about, but seeing how sad he was when he lost season 20, it doesn't seem like he made it far enough to win H vs. V.


Old things
Points for Advancing: 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, etc.
Reward: Group: 4, Individual: 10
Immunity: Group 8, Individual: 20
Labeled Leader: 10
Make to Merge: 8
Votes against you: -4

New things
If you get chosen to sit out you get none of those challenge points.
Find Hidden Idol: 10
Successfully Use Idol at Council: 20
Unneeded Use of Idol at Council: -10
Cause Jeff to Stop Challenge: -10
Exit Due to Health: -20

Lost things
Man sh*t
Back stab
--in both cases the line is too blurry to decide when one of them actually occurs.


Two separate drafts. One for Heroes. One for Villains.
I picked the names out of a hat and it came out: Jaydon, Mags, Lar, me.
Therefore Jay will get to choose whether he wants first pick of the Heroes draft and last pick in the villains or vice versa. I will get first in the one he doesn't choose and Lar and Mags will be in the middle for both.

My team name this season will be Redwood Original after my favorite biker gang.

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