Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poolies Watch- Terry Fator Award

The Terry Fator Award is given each year to the best male contestant in a reality competition series, as honored by the Poolie Voters. With a second season of Survivor chock full of all-stars and American Idol finals still on the horizon, I don't see more than five of these current nominees staying put. Of the top five that I like to stick around, Jeff and the Russell's should be confident in their performances. Each demonstrated both the ability to play their respective game and the ability to entertain me in the process. With Russell Hantz coming back for Heroes vs. Villain and Jeff rumored to be on this spring's Amazing Race, they both have chances to win this thing.

Those With a Chance
Jeff Schroeder- Big Brother
Nota- The Sing Off
Russell Hantz- Survivor Samoa
Russell Kairouz- Big Brother
Terrell Owens- The Superstars

The rest of these guys are highly unlikely to make the final cut, but it's nice for them to get noticed among those that performed well this summer/fall. Flight Time has the best chance to sneak in if no one from the spring version of The Amazing Race does anything well.

Not Likely
Beelzebubs- The Sing Off
Bode Miller- The Superstars
Brian- The Amazing Race
Casey Turner- Big Brother
Flight Time- The Amazing Race
John Fincher- Survivor Samoa
Zev and Justin- The Amazing Race

Anybody else deserve a look? Any good cooks out there from Top Chef?