Saturday, January 9, 2010

Peyton Does It Again

My favorite professional athlete, and should-be comedic actor, received his second straight National Football League Most Valuable Player Award today. Peyton Manning now leads the NFL for most AP MVP Awards in the history of the league, garnering his fourth honor this year. Last year he won in a landslide and this year he was much closer to taking home all of the 50 votes. He actually got 39.5, compared to 32 a season ago. Drew Brees was the only other player with more than two votes, receiving 7.5.

Final Vote:
Peyton Manning- 39.5
Drew Brees- 7.5
Philip Rivers- 2
Brett Favre- 1

So somebody actually said "this Peyton/Brees thing is too tough to call, I'm gonna give them each a half of a vote"? That person should be out as a voter. I guess it's a tough job, but somebody else should do it from now on. If you can't decide on who deserves the award, you shouldn't be voting. I have more respect for the guy who voted for Chris Johnson last year. At least he made a decision. Speaking of, how does the guy who voted for Chris Johnson last season not vote for him again this year when he totaled over 2,000 yards rushing?

Last Year's Totals:
Peyton Manning- 32
Chad Pennington- 4
Michael Turner- 4
James Harrison- 3
Adrian Peterson- 3
Philip Rivers- 2
Kurt Warner- 1
Chris Johnson- 1


  1. Maybe he lost his vote? Fact is, Peyton does deserve it. But I'm really sick of all of the MVP votes always going to offensive skill players. When are defensive players and O linemen who are dominant going to start getting love?

  2. Thy guy that voted for CJ2K last year could have been a "best guy on the best team" type of voter. Even though he was better this year, he wasn't as valuable, because he didn't contribute to as many wins. Not my logic, but it is for some.

  3. both "he lost his vote" and "best guy on best team" make sense, but am I crazy for thinking that that dude should have thought "if VY had replaced Collins midway through last year, maybe they would've gone undefeated, and his invaluableness would've shown through as well."?