Tuesday, January 12, 2010

House- Three Good Stories

To have a quality episode of House these days, you need to have three things.  First of all you need a great Greg House story.  With how good his character is, we can't settle for just a good plot line.  Secondly, you need a good medical story.  In every normal functioning episode of House, the medical story, and the patients involved are a big factor in its quality.  If that part of the ep is dull, it's usually ruined for me.  And finally, you need an adequate team story.  This group of misfits have gotten so unappealing to me, that a simple, okay story line from the likes of Chase, Taub, 13 and Mike Tomlin can be part of a quality ep of House.

That was exactly what we got last night.  Sure it wasn't on the standards of the two-hour season premier in the nut house, but it was better than what they have been putting out recently.  The House story was classic.  Fantastic buddy comedy between Dr. House and Dr. Wilson.  House pretending to be gay with Wilson so that he can both screw with Wilson and try and get with the cute neighbor in apartment 3B was just awesome.  From the unveiling of the gigantic Chorus Line poster to the shirt he was wearing at dinner with the neighbor, it was all gold.  It all got even better when Wilson joined in on the action to get back at his crippled friend.  When Wilson showed up to the restaurant, pronounced his love for House and then proposed?  I lost it.

The medical story was good.  It kept my interest throughout the episode.  I wasn't even checking my google reader during this ep.  Nick Papageorgio was at first a drug dealer, but later we find out he was an undercover cop.  It was one of those times when the group finds out what the problem is with its patient, but also finds out that it is incurable and the patient dies at the end of the ep.  A rarity, but needed.  They can't save everybody.

And finally we had a decent team story.  Decent overall, great for these jamokes.  We had 13, Taub and Chase making Mike Tomlin feel like a jerk cause they make more money than him.  Little did he know that they were just finding ways to make it look like they were making much more money.  Ho hum, the team is pretty terrible.

One side note- House's pop culture references are still fantastic.  When his first attempt to ask Nick Papageorgio for the drugs fails, he screams at the top of his lungs, "GIVE ME THE DRUGS!!!" When that inevitably fails, he subtly claims, "It works for Jack Bauer."

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