Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Poolies Watch- Battle of the Network Stars Award

The Battle of the Network Stars Award is given each year to the best reality competition series of the season. So far the nominees look very similar to last year's inaugural Poolie Awards. My top three at the halfway mark are the same as in 08-09. Survivor was improved this season, thank to the likes of Russell Hantz, and it should have another surge in it this spring as CBS airs the Heroes vs. Villains version of the island competition. Idol is set to start next week and if replacing Paula with Ellen didn't work, I can see last year's champ losing its crown.

Front Runners
American Idol
Big Brother

The Sing-Off is one of only two new shows receiving nominations at this point. It was only on for four two-hour episodes, but they were four fantastic ones. I'm sure it won't make a run at the title this year, but if NBC brings it back for a longer season, I wouldn't be surprised to see it high atop the voting in 10-11. Top Chef continues to be a show that gets a lot of love, but I have failed to view. With not enough viewers on the Poolies Committee, I don't see it vying for the top spot.

Second Tier
The Amazing Race
America’s Got Talent
The Sing-Off
Top Chef

I've never watched The Apprentice, but know Jaydon enjoys it. There are also around that enjoy to watch people dance...Not me, but others. I tried So You Think last summer and couldn't get past the first two weeks. Superstars was simple enough to take in during the summer, but the production and Jon Saunders were pretty brutal.

Just Because
Celebrity Apprentice
So You Think You Can Dance
The Superstars

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