Sunday, January 10, 2010

SNL- Charles Barkley

As Al Donnelly's chief of staff would say, do you know what people should call me when I'm not around? The idiot! My inability to realize that the late football game was going to push the local news back and therefore move Saturday Night Live past my DVR recording makes me quite an idiot. As I was only able to watch half of last night's episode on the television, it became a bit confusing to me about how good the ep actually was.

After I finished watching individual clips from the second half of the episode, my first impression was that Charles Barkley delivered the best episode so far in this 35th season of SNL. That's not to say that his performance was that fantastic, but he delivered his parts well and didn't detract from what were finally a good group of sketches.

Top Five Sketches of the Night

5. Basketball Commentators- Definitely not as good the original "That'll move the chains!", but this "Nothing but the bottom of the net!" version got the job done.

4. MacGruber- No matter the situation, I always enjoy the MacGruber clips. Although all of the MacGruber being a racist stuff was funny, they could've done the exact same thing with Kenan in Barkley's place.

3. Barkley Golf- Here Sir Charles showed his ability to do some physical comedy. Every time he showed a hitch in an every day activity it was great.

2. Reel Quotes- This was the one sketch that Barkley was the major source of the comedy. His deadpan delivery as the Block Busters manager who knows nothing about movies was great.

1. Scared Straight- Once again Scared Straight is on its way to going down as my favorite recurring sketch in SNL history. This week's version did not disappoint. Charles's ability to play Lorenzo MacIntosh's father made it so that he did not detract from Kenan Thompson's fabulous performance. (unlike Taylor Swift who dropped the likeability of the sketch in half).

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