Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bi-Monthly Power Rankings- Top Ten

As the winter hiatus is upon us, four months of the television season has passed us by. A lot has happened since The Perspective's November Power Rankings, so let's see where everyone stacks up at the beginning of 2010. These Bi-Monthly Power Rankings take into account both current and past performance. For example, although I have enjoyed Modern Family much more than 30 Rock this season, the NBC comedy stays on top of the ABC laugher because of its historical performance. Without further ado here are the Quiet Pool Perspective's January TV Power Rankings.

Top Ten

Rank. Show- (last time) down, green=moving up

10. True Blood- (9) Sundays on HBO
HBO has played some season one marathons as of late and it reminded me of how much better the second season of True Blood was. It's transformation from a vampire drama to a fantasy action series lifted it in the November rankings. The folks from Bon Temps won't return for a while, but I'm looking forward to what they have in store.

9. Big Brother- (8) Summers on CBS
Big Bro finished at the end of the summer, but it's performance has lasted in my memory. Russell Hantz's fantastic performance proved to be the best Survivor I have seen to date, but it still couldn't compare with any season of Big Bro. Survivor is just Big Bro's less detailed, less complicated little brother.

8. Modern Family- (10) Wednesdays on ABC
Easily the best new show of the year so far, Modern Fam has made another improvement in the rankings. The 2009 finale Undeck the Halls could have been reason enough for it to move up to the eight spot. Any of Manny, Phil, Jay or Cameron could be my favorite character on any other comedy this season. On a bit of a tangent, Manny and his "innocentes" spawned a bunch of practical jokes by me and my family this holiday season.

7. 30 Rock- (4) Thursdays on NBC
The show centering around TGS with Tracy Jordan has taken a big dip due to a lackluster at best start to the fourth season. I don't know if they aren't doing the same sorts of gimmicks as in seasons two and three, or if those same gimmicks just aren't working any more. Whichever it is, they need to do something if they want to stay at the top of the comedy game. The fact of the matter is that they need to get Tracy more and more air time. Maybe if Alec Baldwin retires from acting again (like he claims to be doing) this could happen.

6. 24- (7) Mondays on FOX
I am currently watching season five of 24 for the second time and it is quite fantastic watching President Charles Logan squirm during the first half of the season. Rumor has it that he will be back for the eighth season starting this month. It probably won't be a large role, but it's exciting none the less. Other rumors floating around are that this will be the final season of the real-time action series. If so, let's hope Jack leaves on a high note and mirks himself on the way out.

5. The Office- (6) Thursdays on NBC
Some of the use of the supporting characters hasn't been as good the past couple of seasons, but Michael Scott has yet to disappoint. The Scranton, PA paper boss (or co-regional manager now) has been as awkward and ridiculous as ever and it gets me every week. With David Wallace on his way out due to a buy out, I hope the new boss at corporate can bring a good, new dynamic to the show in 2010.

4. Friday Night Lights- (5) Wednesdays on The 101 Network
The Dillon, TX drama continues to impress me with its ability to work in new characters, while keeping the original characters so enjoyable. The ex-Panthers are slowly leaving us (Smash, Street, and now Saracen) but Luke and Vince have brought their own positives to the new Lions squad. The loss of Tyra and Lyla was less of a big deal because the combo of Jess and Becky are an improvement.

3. Chuck- (3) Mondays on NBC
Thankfully Chuck and his cronies will return earlier than previously announced, because I don't know if I would have been able to wait until March to see Mr. Bartowski with Intersect 2.0 in his brain. Starting this month with a two day premier, I believe Chuck will only get better as the lead character now will know how to do many ridiculous activities (like kung fu).

2. Curb Your Enthusiasm- (2) Sundays on HBO
This season has without a doubt put Curb in a class of its own as far as comedies go. Not one episode this season was I not completely impressed and in tune with what Larry David had to offer. The Seinfeld reunion plot of the season was the best running theme they've come up with so far. The Producers season (Four I think) was the next best idea. LD will now think about if he wants to make another season. We can all hope that he thinks of something good.

1. Lost- (1) Wednesdays on ABC
The final season is upon us. When Lindelof and Cuse announced that they were setting an end date for the mysterious island series, I was excited because it meant they were actually knew exactly where they were going with the show. The bad news is that now I am sad that I can see the final episode in the distance. I have steered clear of any articles relating to the last season of Lost, because I want to go in fresh and with hardly any knowledge of what anyone else thinks is going to or supposed to happen. I'm very excited.


  1. I actually agree with something you wrote...well Lost at #1 at least