Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Poolies Watch- The Johnny Carson Award

With all of the late night craziness that has been going on recently, I figured is was a good time to take a look at the Johnny Carson Award for best Late Night/Variety Series. So Leno at 10:00 p.m. didn't work, but who's gonna watch a late night type of show when they're not really ready to fall asleep yet. Isn't that what late night talk is for? As much as I've loved NBC over past five years, they're slowly starting to kill me. How could they push Conan out? Leno at 11:35, Conan at 12:05? That would never work for either guy. Why wouldn't Conan go to fox if that were the case? And if he does, why not go on at 11:00 and beat the crowd. Fox does their news at 10:00 so what is he taking the place of? Seinfeld repeats? I think it would be a good move.

The Johnny Carson Award has been upped to 10 nominees this year and it's not really fair that the rest of these guys are in a category with Saturday Night Live. It should runaway with the category and retain its crown.

League of its Own
Saturday Night Live

I could give or take any of the next five, although Letterman and The Soup would be towards the end of the group for me. Call me an idiot, but Leno's monologue does it for me every time. Conan could just do his silly dance moves and he'd be in my top five, and it has already been well documented that I now love the way Fallon cracks himself up during his show (not to mention his valiant attempt at a Saved by the Bell reunion).

The Pack
The Jay Leno Show
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Late Show with David Letterman
The Tonight Show
The Soup

I still have never gotten into the high brow comedy shows of Comedy Central. I have no desire to ever attempt to watch the Daily Show or the Colbert Report, but their reputations precede them so they receive nominations from me. Chelsea Handler is extremely off or on for me, but mostly off. And I've never enjoyed Kimmel, but he gets the nod thanks to Cousin Sal.

Hanging On
Chelsea Lately
The Colbert Report
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Are there any other sketch shows on tv these days? Anything else I'm missing?


  1. This will be the longest comment in recorded history.

    You're forgetting quite a few but only one major one which is The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson which comes on after Letterman. I don't enjoy him but he has his fans.

    Then there's quite a bit of poo to mention. George Lopez on TBS (seen it, it's bad), Wanda Sykes on Fox (unseen, dislike her) and the most unmentionable of unmentionables, The Mo'nique Show on BET (saw 5 minutes and joined my local White Supremacy Charter).

    Daily Show is my clear winner. I love Conan to death but I haven't seen much of his Tonight Show. Jay Leno is the McDonald's of comedy. He sucks so badly and so purposefully but has wide appeal. I hear Fallon's show is actually pretty good but I only saw shaky early eps. I enjoy Kimmel but wouldn't go out of my way to watch him. Letterman is great at interviews but his monolouge is average. I almost forgot but Carson Daly exists too. I like Chelsea Handler herself but her panel of comedians are unwatchable retards. I don't enjoy Colbert much.

    PS, I've seen every SNL ep this season and it's been funny maybe 20% of the time. You are an SNL loyalist it seems. I also don't know that The Soup (which is great) and SNL should compete with late night talk shows.

  2. well i know of ferguson, lopez and sykes...dislike all of them. didn't know of mo'nique's show thankfully. forgot about carson daly but have never really watched. is his show exactly like trl?

    although snl has a lot of garbage recently, bad snl is still better than any late night talk by far. Tough to compare snl and soup to late talk, but it's the only way to get them all into a category.

  3. how about just having the Poolie for best late night talk and having the best SNL performer as its own category. i like that. how bout you?

  4. That's a good way to do it since SNL doesn't compete with anyone at all. Are there any other sketch shows out right now?

    Wouldn't it be sweet if other dudes commented from time to time?

  5. yeah it's like they know they have info they want to spit, but think they are too cool for school to comment.