Friday, January 15, 2010

30 Rock- James Franco's Pillow

How a show can be so inconsistent is beyond me. Last night 30 Rock aired back-to-back episodes, while The Office took a breather. In my opinion the 9:00 ep was fantastic and the 9:30 variety was awful. I'm trying to put my finger on how a show can be so different week in and week out.

As much as T-time may not like him, I think a major difference was that James Franco ridiculously outperformed Danny the robot as the main side character of the episode. In Klaus and Greta Franco played himself who had to fake date Jenna because he needed to hide his love for his human sized pillow, Kimiko. Whether it was the situation itself or Franco, the whole thing worked for me. Right down to the moment in the club when you don't know that Kimiko is there until the camera pans over to her, it works.

The other major story line of the ep was Kenneth working with Jack to erase the voicemail he left on Nancy's machine. Although it wasn't fantastic, it didn't have me wanting to slap myself, as some Kenneth moments do. Again there was not enough Tracy in the episode, but this definitely had one of the best ratios of comedy to amount of Tracy Jordan screen time in a while.

Black Light Attack was too much Danny the robot and too much weird Liz Lemon. Her plots have really been off and on for me. I was not feeling this ep at all and I think it mostly had to do with Danny the robot. The premise that this guy was super cool at the beginning of the half hour was really off base. When he turns into a loser after hanging out with Lemon, it doesn't seem that far off from where he started, so the fact that Jack gets turned off doesn't hit. They picked this dude up off of the street where he was performing as a giant robot. Jack would not want to be friends with this guy over Tracy.

Quotes of the hour

  • "You're being such a non-pillow right now!"
  • "Did you know paparazzo is single of paparazzi? Kimiko taught me that."
  • "I'm the actor James Franco, dammit, and I'm in love with and common law married to a Japanese body pillow!"
  • "Is it the body paint, or is Danny just glowing like a beacon of manly camaraderie?"
  • "What are you happy about? Did we get canceled?"
  • "When they were little, I threw them in the deep end of the pool. To get over their fear of sharks!"

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