Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chuck- Levels of Awesomeness

In Chuck vs. Operation Awesome we got the second straight episode that featured Captain Awesome in a major role. I started asking myself if this was going to start being a major trend, but as this ep started to unfold it seemed less and less likely that Devon was going to be primarily involved in any spy business from here on out. I personally wish that wasn't the case. This dude is, for lack of a better word, awesome. The past two episodes he has basically played a studly version of Chuck from season one. A normal guy thrown into the middle of the spy game without any knowledge, but ends up helping out somehow.

Who does this Shawsy think he is? A 24 boss? Just as the head of CTU never knows how things work, Shaw tries to come into The Team and shake things up. Let's just let Chuck try to take on three bad guys by himself? NO Shaw, that's not how things work around here. Thankfully Sarah, and even Casey, have to much love for Chuckles to go by his rules. On this Team they always help each other out when one of them lures bad guys to the Buy More.

I love it when they end episodes with an entire group get together. Like with Jack Bauer, seeing Sarah and Casey in normal situations is great. With everyone eating dinner at Chuck and Morgan's new place (formerly Ellie, Awesome and Chuck's place) it felt a lot like Casa Walsh part deux. Also great to see Shawsy real jealous of their pseudo-family. Am I going to like him at any point?

Other Thoughts

Loved how Chuck labeled Awesome's two watches...Good guys. Bad guys.

The exchange after Chuck takes out a bunch of bad guys with his guns.
Awesome: "You're incredible. Is that your spy training?"
Chuck: "Duck Hunt. Nintendo."

The more hardcore spies like Shawsy and Casey they bring in, the more Chuck-like Sarah gets.
Sarah: "Sometimes it helps knowing you have something to lose."

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