Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tuesday Tidings- V for Visitors

ABC continued their move to try and beat out NBC as my favorite station with the introduction of V this week. With 30 Rock, The Office and Chuck and Friday Night Lights against Lost, Modern Family, Flash Forward and now could be a tough call down the road.

At the root of any overly intriguing show is an epic event to start things off. There was THE plane crash in Lost. More recently, the worldwide blackout in Flash. And on this week's V there was the earthquake-like moment when the Visitors first arrived in every major city on Earth in gigantic spaceships. Fantastic.

The one negative I have from the first ep, is how quickly they moved from the initial contact by the Visitors and Three Weeks Later. That is a lot to move past so quickly. Those early moments seem integral in understanding how people are dealing with the situation. I personally would have liked to seen what went on during those three weeks.

There was some great direction in this pilot. The back-and-forth action between Anna and Double Dragon (Scott Wolf)'s interview that portrayed the Visitors positively, and the other dude's inspiring, negative rant about everything these aliens were actually up to was really well done.

I love the idea that the Visitors have already been on Earth and they are all around. It feels very Terminator-esque, especially with T-time (Morris Chestnut) and his being a good Visitor. Can any of them actually be good? Will there always be that thought in the back of people's minds that they're not us? Like Sarah Connor always felt about Cameron in Terminator: TSCC?

Why would you only bring Steve the Pirate (Alan Tudyk) in for the pilot? He had a great rapport with Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) and I would've liked to seen where that went throughout the first season.

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