Monday, November 16, 2009

Poolies Watch- Arthur Spooner Award

In what was a stacked, and pretty wide open category in the inaugural Poolie Awards, the Arthur Spooner Award seems even more so this year. Kevin Malone and Andy Bernard from The Office finished top two in 2008-09, but this year Andy, if not both of them, are hanging on for dear life in my book. My four leaders at this point were not nominated a year ago. One of them, Leon Black, was simply a huge oversight on my part last time. The next, Robby Ray Stewart, was not in my wheelhouse last year. Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec has taken on a much bigger role in the second season and has shined. Finally, Manny from Modern Family is having an unbelievable first season on a fantastic new show.

Leading the Way
Andy Dwyer- Parks and Recreation
Leon Black- Curb Your Enthusiasm
Manny Delgado- Modern Family
Robby Ray Stewart- Hannah Montana

Honestly, I could see anyone in the next 12 making the list come season's end, but for now I have these six as the nominated ones. I assume Kevin and Kenneth will make the cut, because they are mainstays of their respective comedy juggernauts, but the rest of these guys could go either way at this point.

In for Now
Abed Nadir- Community
Andy Bernard- The Office
Cameron Tucker- Modern Family
Kenneth Parcell- 30 Rock
Kevin Malone- The Office
Max Russo- Wizards of Waverly Place

The fact that these guys are on the outside looking in, is truly a testament to how good this category has been this year. Pierce Hawthorne and Jerry Seinfeld have come on really strong recently in Community and Curb, respectively. Meanwhile Stevie Janowski from Eastbound is a product of his show not being on the air yet. He could skyrocket once it comes back on.

Outside Looking In
Frank Rossitano- 30 Rock
Jerry Seinfeld- Curb Your Enthusiasm
Mitch Brooks- Gary Unmarried
Pierce Hawthorne- Community
Stevie Janowski- Eastbound & Down
Tommy Brooks- Gary Unmarried

Although ultimately I have the final say on nominations, I definitely need some help with this one. All suggestions will be considered. Who do you like?