Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thursday Thoughts- Dot Com at Wesleyan

Flash Forward
My first thought from this week's episode came when Demetri and the Famous Jet Jackson started talking about Madden and how one of them used to dominate the other. Or cheat as the other one put it. So by cheating he meant that he used Michael Vick right? Because that is as good as cheating. Oh let me drop back to pass and then run as fast as I can around the corner with my 99 speed. If there were a way to control every defender it may have been able to be prevented, but alas that was never possible. What a jerk. No using the Falcons in any Madden game of the Vick era.

My next thought of the ep was all about the Famous Jet Jackson (Al Gough). I was excited that they were starting to use him in a more major role. Boy was I disappointed by the end of it. His attitude to get into the club was awesome. I'm gonna be alive in my flash forward, bullet or not bullet. I kept getting angrier and angrier at the characters in this show, as they continued to talk about the future like it couldn't be changed. And then Jet had to go and do exactly what I was thinking. He jumps off the top of the FBI building and therefore screws with his future.

Is this as big a game changer as I imagine it could be? Does him taking his own life change just that ladies life the he accidentally killed at some point in the future? Or does it have a ripple effect that changes everything on Earth? Is that why Beardy's daughter shows up at his place at the end of the ep? 'Cause in his flash it seemed like he was seeing her for the first time. No?

30 Rock
Why does the blatant product placement work in 30 Rock, while it could nowhere else? This week's love affair with Cysco Systems was fantastic. They worked it in many times and the super-obvious effect worked on me every time. Oh then there was also the Winter Olympic Games plug that Jack seemed to mention to the camera only. Still, it was funny.

If I knew that Dot Com was in plays at Wesleyan, I would've driven down the street and checked it out. Since when did we know his name was Walter? Did they just sneak it in there? I love when Grizz or Dot Com have bigger roles in the episodes.

Jeff/Abed storyline: fantastic. Annie/Troy storyline: brutal. Pierce/Vaughn storyline: also fantastic. Very little Britta this week. Another positive. Jeff opening up to the finer side of eating cereal and watching non-stop television was great, but of course it was Abed that brought it all together. Guy has been fantastic so far in this first season. I've never enjoyed Troy, but now he has to bring Annie down with him. She was up and down there for a while, but has been pretty annoying recently.

Major question of the week. How did the casting/writing go down for the character of Vaughn? Did they cast the character looking for an actor with small nipples? Or was it that once they found Eric Christian Olsen to play the part, they realized he had tiny nipples and figured they could use that in some way? I'm not sure, but he's been a great guest spot.

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