Monday, November 30, 2009

Amazing Race- It Was So (Big) Easy

My favorite duo throughout this season of The Amazing Race has been the pair of Harlem Globetrotters we know as Flight Time and Big Easy. They're fun loving, boisterous at time, and always out for the W. As the weeks have gone on and on it has become more apparent that Big Easy was holding the team back. Whether it was him not being able to paddle a boat, hardly being able to climb a ropes course, or taking forever to find a miniature mandolin at an opera house, he has struggled as of late. Flight Time has not once yelled at him, or fought with him to do better (a rarity for a contestant on a reality show). This week it all came to an end when Big Easy made the worst decision I've seen on the show. It was the biggest mistake, because last season's Jen decided to stop for a bathroom break on her run to the final pit stop, but it was the worst decision in my mind.

First off the dude had five letters...R N A F Z...maybe it is because I watched Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon on Saturday Night Live, or because my dad watched a lot of NYPD Blue when I was a kid, but when I saw those letters, FRANZ was the only think I could see (and I could see it right away). Ok so maybe he wasn't a fan and he couldn't understand that it was that easy, but still there are only so many combinations of letters. So he had been working on it for two hours or so, beside himself with how long it had taken him, and one of the gay brothers finally figures it out. He leaves Big Easy with the fact that it starts with an F. Now he only has four letters to figure out what the answer is, R N A Z. After what the editing made it seem was only a half hour or hour later, he decides to give up and take a FOUR HOUR PENALTY!!!! Are you kidding me?!?! Keep guessing! Sooner or later you SHOULD come up with the right combination of letters to get FRANZ. But no, Big Easy tells Flight Time that he decided to take the penalty and wait the four hours to continue to the next challenge even though he knew they were currently in last place. Flight Time didn't complain about this idea. He encouraged his partner and they went forward with a positive outlook. You gotta be kidding me. These guys, as fun as they were to watch at times, did not deserve to win this thing.

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