Monday, November 30, 2009

Poolies Watch- Veronica Mars Award

The Veronica Mars Award is given each year to the best female character in a drama series. Last year's winner, Julie Taylor has proven herself to once again be a contender for the award, as has 2009's runner-up Naomi Clark. The other three in the top pack would be receiving their first nomination in the category. Rebecca Logan's Greek switched over from the comedy category, while Ella Simms and Olivia Burke are making their first appearances in any category. Olivia's stint on Gossip Girl was short lived, but she packed a punch in the time she had in NYC.

The Lead Pack
Ella Simms- Melrose Place
Julie Taylor- Friday Night Lights
Naomi Clark- 90210
Olivia Burke- Gossip Girl
Rebecca Logan- Greek

Adrianna Duncan and Betty Draper are currently holding nominations as they did last year, even though most have disliked Betty during this past season. I thoroughly enjoyed everything she brought to the table in Mad Men's third season and I see her as being at the top of this group. Rachel Berry and Sue Sylvester sneak in on the new Glee. As a dramedy, Rachel and Sue have the advantage of bringing funny to a category lacking in it (other than Naomi's random moments).

In for Now
Adrianna Tate-Duncan- 90210
Betty Draper- Mad Men
Karen- Californication
Rachel Berry- Glee
Sue Sylvester- Glee

Both Haley James Scott and Brooke Davis have fallen way down, as the demise of One Tree Hill continues. Haley has an outside chance to get back in the thick of things, as she hasn't had that much screen time. Too much screen time has been the problem for Brooke as her character has done a complete 180 from the first few season and is unbearable to watch now. Watch out for Jess Merriweather of Friday Night Lights. The former best friend of Michelle Tanner has gotten me excited early on in Dillon, Texas.

Outside Looking In
Blair Waldorf- Gossip Girl
Brooke Davis- One Tree Hill
Casey Cartwright- Greek
Haley James Scott- One Tree Hill
Jess Merriweather- Friday Night Lights
Quinn Fabray- Glee
Rebecca Harper- Brothers & Sisters

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  1. O that's a gr8 post. This remind me of the veronica mars which is no longer running now.