Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monday Musings- Serena In the Workplace

Gossip Girl
Obviously the Jenny and Eric parts were brutal, but let's talk about something important. How does Serena get a job as an aide to a Senator or Congressman? Whatever Tripp is, he shouldn't be taking on recently graduated high school students to be a part of his staff. And then he claims that Serena deserves this job/opportunity? Why? Because she graduated from high school and skipped out on going to Brown? She frolicked through Europe with God knows who. This is the person that deserves a well respected job, that a college graduate would kill for? I don't get it. Chuck I understand. He inherited his father's company and has millions of dollars, he can do what he wants. Serena is rich sure, but it's not her money. She should really educate herself before trying to get jobs in the real world.

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