Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tuesday Tidings- Silver's Half-Birthdays

So Silver celebrates half birthdays because her mom always let her down on her birthday. I'm on board with this. I like that they have kept up with the history of the original show, in the fact that Jackie Taylor was always a mess. Here in lies the problem. They can't even go along with the history of the first season of the new 90210. Naomi complains that Silver doesn't want to celebrate her half birthday for the first time?!? All during season one, these two girls despised each other. I know for a fact that these two didn't have a half birthday party with each other during sophomore year. I'm just speculating but I believe their mutual hatred started a bit earlier than the first season. I bet there were plenty of half birthdays that Naomi wasn't a part of.

What a gut punch at the end of the episode. Is Jackie Taylor actually dead? It's been a long and winding road for Jackie on both Beverly Hills, 90210 and 90210. I'll be sad if Kelly doesn't get another interaction with her before her death. By the way, what the heck are they doing with Kelly on this show. She comes on once every five episodes? Pretty bootleg if you ask me.

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