Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Curb- Leon Whites That Sh*t Up

The penultimate episode of this season of Curb Your Enthusiasm did not disappoint. All of the waiting for the Seinfeld action was worth it. Seeing all of the old Seinfeld sets and having the extraneous characters (Banya, Estelle) at the table read was fantastic. The only Seinfeld-related character that continues to disappoint me is Jason Alexander. He just is so far less funny than George it's not even fair. Jerry is Jerry, Julia and Michael are slightly less funny than their on screen alter egos, but Jason has just been blahh from what I've seen.

Watching Jerry, Julia and Wayne Knight (Newman) rehearse was unbelievable television. Now I'm the type of guy who like to watch the credits of a movie so I can see the outtakes when the actors start laughing. I enjoy when people on Saturday Night Live start to laugh during a sketch. And I love when Jimmy Fallon laughs at his own jokes during the monologue of Late Night. Watching Jerry, Julia, Wayne and Larry cracking up at their own scene for about five minutes was just gold.

Leon knocked this episode out of the park. From his pretending to be white, to his cracking up at the Seinfeld rehearsal, he was perfect. As he pretends to be a Jewish Danny Duberstein and told Michael Richards that he had three bar mitzvahs with a stone cold face, I lost it. As he searched for the reason that he beat Groats disease, all he could think of was the hat on his head? Unbelievable. Leon whited that sh*t the f*ck up. He then goes on to kill it when he watches Jerry, Julia and Wayne rehearse on the set. He is cracking up all over the place because he's never seen Seinfeld before. As Newman stands at the entrance to Jerry's apartment Leon loses it. Fantastic.

I'm extremely excited for the finale.

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