Sunday, November 15, 2009

SNL- January Jones and Kathy Lee Gifford

Granted there was a lot of this given episode that was pretty bland, but nothing made me want to kill myself this week like Taylor Swift did last time. January Jones messing up her lines was actually an improvement over Swift's dry, terrible acting. Jason Sudeikis was all over this ep, which is always a good thing, but Fred Armisen was noticeably absent, which is not. The digital short was not funny. I kept on waiting for it to change gears, but they just kept going with the same bit the entire time. The whole episode I was waiting for my boy, Josh Duhamel to pop in a sketch, but it never happened. Oh now you stop bringing people's famous boyfriends on! Highlight of the ep was definitely Kristen Wiig's Kathy Lee Gifford. She is always fantastic. Jenny Slate is no where close to as good as Michaela Watkins was as the sidekick, Hota Kotb.


  1. So there's just got to be better writing talent available to SNL, right? What a wasted cast. January was really bad but not as bad as's haircut.

  2. i think so...when seth meyers is your head writer you know you're in trouble.

    which one is