Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Veronica Mars Award - Female in Drama

Named For: Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)
Awarded To: The best female character in a drama series
2009 Winner: Julie Taylor (Friday Night Lights)
2010 Winner: Julie Taylor (Friday Night Lights)
2011 Winner: Macy Misa (Jonas)
2012 Winner: Rebekah Mikaelson (The Vampire Diaries)

And here are this year's honorees...

10th. Annabeth Nass (Hart of Dixie) 2 points
4th by Jack

9th. Peggy Olsen (Mad Men) 6 points
1st by Jaydon

8th. Faith (Californication) 7 points
1st by Cecil, Bonz

7th. Juliette Barnes (Nashville) 7 points
2nd by Lenny; 5th by me

6th. Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries) 10 points
2nd by T-time; 3rd by me

5th. Fiona Gallagher (Shameless) 13 points
1st by Larry, Rizzo

4th. Zoe Barnes (House of Cards) 13 points
1st by Mags; 4th by me

3rd. Rebekah Mikaelson (The Vampire Diaries) 14 points
2nd by Jack, Matt; 2nd by me

2nd. Zoe Hart (Hart of Dixie) 15 points
1st by T-time, Jack; 1st by me

and the Poolie goes to...

1st. Sloan Sabbith (The Newsroom) 17 points
1st by Tyson, Matt, Braids, Lenny

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