Monday, July 8, 2013

"The Dealership" Award - Comedy Episode

Named For: "The Dealership" (Seinfeld, 911)
Awarded To: The best comedy episode of the season
2010 Winner: "The Table Read" (Curb Your Enthusiasm, 709)
2011 Winner: "Threat Level Midnight" (The Office, 716)
2012 Winner: "Palestinian Chicken" (Curb Your Enthusiasm, 803)

10th. "Scaredy Kate" (Ben and Kate, 106) 1 point
5th by Lenny

9th. "In the Heat of the Noche" (Happy Endings, 314) 4 points
4th by Braids, Bonz

8th. "Herstery of Dance" (Community, 408) 10 points
2nd by Matt

7th. "Dwight Christmas" (The Office, 909) 10 points
2nd by Cecil

6th. "Article Two" (Parks and Rec, 519) 14 points
1st by Matt

5th. "Letting Go" (Wilfred, 202) 15 points
1st by Lenny; 2nd by me

4th. "Finale" (The Office, 923) 21 points
1st by Bonz; 5th by me

3rd. "Honesty" (Wilfred, 210) 22 points
1st by T-time, Jack, Braids; 3rd by me

2nd. "The Gang Dines Out" (It's Always Sunny, 809) 32 points
1st by Mags, Tyson, Cecil, Rizzo; 4th by me

and the Poolie goes to...

1st. "The Cereal Defense" (It's Always Sunny, 810) 34 points
1st by Larry; 1st by me

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