Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Voice Top 24 (Part 2) Review- Walk Like Er-in-Mar-tin

Blake- "I almost pitched my panties."
The Voice returned for part two of the Top 24, treating the audience to a couple of outstanding performances, a few horrendous ones, a one-way ticket to Bonertown courtesy of Adam Levine, and a cheap shot like none other from Christina Aguilera to Tony Lucca.

Let's get right to the action...

Team Adam - Katrina Parker - "Tonight Tonight"

Adam wanted her to get away from sounding like Adele.  Well, no one was going to confuse her voice with Adele's here.  This was a solid performance, but nothing I would write home about for the first performance of the night.

Xtina said Katrina's voice really captivated her, but wanted her to rock out more and said there were a few pitchy notes.  Cee Lo loved the staging, and then rambled on about the Smashing Pumpkins. Adam thought she killed it.
Grade: B-
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