Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One Tree Hill- Most Memorable Moments (Part 3)

With the One Tree Hill series finale just around the corner, we're looking back at some of our favorite moments from the teen drama that bridged the gap between iconic hits like Beverly Hills, 90210 and modern day winners, such as The Vampire Diaries.

Leading up to this evening emotional farewell, TV Fanatic has been counting down the nine moments from nine seasons of One Tree Hill that will stay with us for as long as Naley stays together.

Read the three entries below, add your favorites in the Comments, watch this evening's two-hour event and then return to TV Fanatic for a full review. Bring a Kleenex or two dozen.

3. Dan Scott's redemption and death.

It all went down only a couple of weeks ago, but Dan Scott's redemption and final goodbye was one of the most emotional moments in the history of the series. The man that was responsible for so much pain and heartache for the characters on One Tree Hill was finally able to make up for all of that by going on an action movie-like rampage in order to save Nathan from the clutches of crazy European mobsters. Dan Scott might have been the biggest stud of all time in that moment, and it led to an extremely sad goodbye in the very next episode. His friends and family were able to forgive him for all the terrible things he did, and Dan went to heaven as Keith's plus one.
To read the rest of my final stroll down One Tree Hill memory lane, head over to TV Fanatic.

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