Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Justified 313 Review- It Wasn't Me, It Was The Two-Armed Man

Boyd- "Well I guess we best both sleep with one eye open."
Limehouse- "I always do."
Justified certainly knows how to pull off a good tragedy. Between the downward spiral and eventual horrific death of Robert Quarles, and the somewhat sad quasi father-son triangle that led to Arlo blatantly choosing Boyd over Raylan, "Slaughterhouse" was a fitting end to the third season of Justified.

Robert Quarles should go down as one of the most interesting and entertaining villains in TV history, and Neal McDonough should receive any and all accolades that are up for grabs this year. His portrayal of the Detroit mobster was riveting all season long, and that was no different in the season finale.

Quarles almost looked content seconds before his arm was chopped off.
The last we had seen Bobby, we thought he had killed Trooper Tom, but we later found out that wasn't true at all. After fleeing the scene at Boyd's bar, Quarles just wanted to get out of Kentucky alive, and make it home to Detroit without a target on his back. That was going to take $500,000 for Theo Tonin, and I doubt that would have even stopped the boss from shooting Quarles when he made it back up north.

McDonough was fantastic throughout Bobby's adventure in attaining the money. First in his hopped up twitchy moments with the Christian family in the van, and then with how his cool customer attitude when seeing Raylan made me die laughing, this was a nice final run for the character. I mean the subtlety in which Quarles asked for Raylan's gun and phone after being turned down ibuprofen was pure genius.
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Justified 313 - "Slaughterhouse"

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