Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Justified 312 Review- I Love It When A Plan Almost Comes Together

Arlo- "You're gonna bench me while Dickie Bennett sits out there eating all our pretzels?"
It may have seemed like Ellstin Limehouse was too busy cutting up pigs to know what was going on in Kentucky recently, and it definitely seemed like his right hand man Errol had decided to rise up against the boss last week, but "Coalition" proved that it was all part of the good butcher's master plan.

Given how many temporary alliances came together and fell apart over the course of the hour, this episode of Justified should have been titled the plural, "Coalitions."

Dickie and Errol were seemingly teamed up, who then joined with Boyd to rob the bank. Boyd, meanwhile, was also aligned with Wynn Duffy to take out Quarles. Duffy was already siding with Quarles and Theo Tonin, and Quarles also made a deal with Limehouse.

Everyone was scrapping to get their share of Mags's and/or Tonin's money, and nearly everyone failed. The most intriguing coalition of them all, though, had to be Raylan Givens and Ellstin Limehouse teaming up to get rid of Dickie and keep Mags' money in a safe place.
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Justified 312 - "Coalition"

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