Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Voice Quarterfinals (Part 1) Review- She's A Heartbreaker

Blake- "You don't have a boyfriend?"
RaeLynn- "No! I'm a heartbreaker."
There were performances by contestants, performances by coaches and a pair of instant eliminations on the first episode of The Voice's Quarterfinals.

Team Xtina performed "Fighter" together, and the coach's outfit was one for the ages. I also loved that she added to the running joke of Blake and male strippers, as she had two shirtless dudes on stage with her during a second stint of "Hillbilly Bone."

Maroon 5 also rocked out their new single "Payphone," and Team Blake sang "Heartache Tonight." I wasn't surprised at all that Blake gave his team members much more of an opportunity to shine than Christina did earlier in the show.

Let's get to the important performances, though. One member from Team Xtina, and one member form Team Blake were going to head home immediately following the performances. How did they perform under the pressure?

Team Blake - RaeLynn - "She's Country"
If America voted her through last week, I can't imagine how many votes RaeLynn is going to pull in with this performance. She got rid of all the weird she brought last time, and absolutely knocked this song out of the park. Being very familiar with this song, I loved hearing the female vocal on it. It was a pleasant surprise, and I'm back on board the RaeLynn train after two subpar performances.

Christina said RaeLynn makes her want to sing country.  Cee Lo said it was like AC/DC did a country song. Adam noted that Blake finally did something right in picking the song. Blake said that it was the most proud moment he has had this season.
Grade: A
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