Friday, April 13, 2012

30 Rock 617 Review- Double Donaghy Downer

Tracy- "Son this isn't easy for me to say because my tongue caught what my foot has..."
I became very uninterested in "Meet the Woggles" shortly after the episode started. With Jenna in another weird yet boring relationship, and Colleen Donaghy back to annoy us all, Tracy attempting to keep his son out of college was the only story I could hang on to.

Colleen did have that one good line about the stork, but other than that she was just grumpy as always, and not in the funny old curmudgeon way. She just took most of the life out of 30 Rock this week.

Jenna has been great this season without Paul, so bringing her weird love life back to the forefront was disappointing. Also, the musical group that gave this episode its title wasn't really a humorous addition. I think the Woggles didn't work because they weren't much of an exaggeration on the children's groups they were trying to make fun of.
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30 Rock 617 - "Meet the Woggles"

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