Monday, April 16, 2012

American Idol Top 7- Save For the Belle

I talked at great length about this week's results with Jack and Rizzo.  My two email conversation with Rizz about Sanchez's bottom three appearance and inevitable save can be read below...

From Rizzo...

I have not watched idol from last night yet. But I don't need to because from what I hear they made a big deal about needing to save Sanchez.

I think there is NO WAY she got the least votes. She is the best female voice by far and very popular. Also is never wrong and they don't even have her in the bottom three for total votes. Joshua had the least votes and raw numbers.

I think they did this on purpose for ratings and to draw attention to the show. I think and still think that it's Phillip and Sanchez to the end.

Larry mentioned something about daughtry and how everyone was sure that he would stay so no one voted or something.

Bottom line is no way in hell that Sanchez actually had the least votes. I think they did this on purpose for ratings/attention/press etc.

Also, no idea why I am so interested in this because I have not watched an episode in two weeks.

From me...

haha i love that you are so interested even you haven't watched.  i am also extremely intrigued, haven't watched a single results episode, and only watch the performances (no judges, intro videos, crap) on the regular eps.

here is my thought.  i think it is extremely possible that they staged this elimination and save in order to drum up excitement, however I don't believe it is necessarily what happened.  dialidol has definitely been wrong in the past...heck they had eben frankewicz as the leading vote getter in the top 24!  usually, though, they do have good standings.  since the added the texting votes though, they have been less accurate.

while i agree that jessica is the best of the season (you may like philphil, i may take colton, but sanchez has the best voice talent), I think she may be hurting for votes because she's from southern california.  the other six of the top seven are from the south or southeast, places that are known to vote well (texas, louisiana, south carolina, tennessee, georgia, mississippi). those people have nothing better to do than sit by their phones and vote for their small town girl or guy who is on idol.  it's rare to see somebody from LA, San Diego, NYC, etc. do really well on these shows, because people have lives in those places and theirs no "entire town or state voting for the contestant" mentality.

having said all that, I still think there is an absolute chance that Idol rigged all of that to increase ratings for the rest of the season, but then why wouldn't they just rig every week?  why not rig the entire order of finish?  why would they have a dude win the last four seasons and then complain about it?  there's a lot of merit to the fact that they may be cheating the system, but I'm not entirely sold on it.

Fantasy Idol

Phillip Phillips: Safe (+21)
Skylar Laine: Safe (+21)
Erika Van Pelt
Adam Brock
Brielle Von Hugel
Top 7: +42, Team Total: 146

Jessica Sanchez: Eliminated (-16), Saved (+21)
Shannon Magrane
Elise Testone: Bottom 3 (-8), Safe (+21)
Aaron Marcellus
Johnny Keyser
Top 7: +18, Team Total: 113

Heejun Han
Hollie Cavanaugh: Safe (+21)
Jeremy Rosado
Hallie Day
Chase Likens
Top 7: +21, Team Total: 79

Colton Dixon: Safe (+21)
Reed Grimm
Eben Franckewitz
Haley Johnson
Jen Hirsh
Top 7: +21, Team Total: 76

Deandre Brackensick
Baylie Brown
Joshua Ladet: Bottom 3 (-8), Safe (+21)
Chelsea Sorrell
Creighton Fraker
Top 7: +13, Team Total: 73

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